Józef Świder w brytyjskim „Clarinet & Saxophone”

W ostatnim wydaniu prestiżowego brytyjskiego magazynu „Clarinet & Saxophone” ukazało się omówienie „Kaprysu na klarnet i fortepian”, utworu skomponowanego przez Józefa Świdra w 1962 roku i wydanego przez Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne:

This is a colourful 20th century piece by the Polish composer Józef Świder (1930-2014), lasting just under 10 minutes. It begins and ends slowly, with plenty of scope for rubato and expression. Vivo and Presto sections also occur, with a playful feel characterised by witty rhythm and buoyant articulation. There is effective interaction with the piano part.

There are musical and technical challenges but I found this to be accessible and well written for both instruments. There are hints of jazz in places ans some passages have aspects of serialism. The clarinet part ends with a cadenza and ther is an improvisatory feel in the middle ‚ad lib’ section. A glissando on the piano in both hands adds to the excitement.

This is an interesting piece suitable for the advanced player, perhaps wishing to explore some new repertoire after Grade 8.

Carol Taylor

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