The Second Józef Świder International Festival of Music

The Second Józef Świder International Festival of Music begins on Wednesday, December 7.

An event offers a variety of performances and workshops as well as choir competition and international music convention.

Festival begins in Cieszyn with performance of pieces for winds recently released as „Józef Świder – Music For Wind Instruments” by CD Accord Music Edition. Many accomplished musicians representing NOSPR and Academy of Music in Katowice are contributing to this event.

Final concert of the Festival will feature the last Józef Świder’s composition „Singet dem Herrn ein Neues Lied” which was written for four voices, two choirs and orchestra. This performance will take place in the concert hall of Academy of Music in Katowice on Sunday, December 11 and among others we will see Silesian Philharmonic and Choir conducted by Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk.

Special acknowledgements to the choir „Harmonia” of Silesian University in Cieszyn and its choirmaster Izabella Zielecka-Panek for creating and organizing the entire event.

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