For that land

Celebrating this year its 30th anniversary, Psalmodia Choir of The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow recently released a CD with the most performed songs of Józef Świder titled „For that land”. We’d like to take this opportunity and congratulate the entire ensemble and its conductor Włodzimierz Siedlik for their artistic achievements. The new release contains a well known Świder’s songs as „Czego chcesz od nas Panie” (lyrics J. Kochanowski), „Wierzę” (J. Słowacki), „Moja piosnka” (C. K. Norwid) and „Kto szuka Cię” (L. Staff).

Great challenge for the accomplished choir and its conductor was polish phonographic premiere of Świder’s „Te Deum” with Katarzyna Guran (soprano), Marcin Wasilewski-Kruk (baritone), Marek Pawełek (organ), Ryszard Haba (timpani) and Vladyslav Plakhtsinskyi (percussion). The Cracow’s musicians perfectly read the composer’s musical intentions and in very original way presented highest artistic skills.

Entire recording was sponsored and financed by The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow.

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